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Project Management


Renovating your home should be a painless experience. With time pressures and deadlines to meet, the organisation and management of design and planning elements, budgets through to successful completion, can be daunting.


RPM offers an independent and flexible Project management service for home owners who are seeking to enhance their property whilst living the dream in the New Forest and along the Hampshire/Dorset coast.


We provide a friendly and reliable service from the time you submit your planning application to the successful completion of your project. By providing you with a detailed project schedule and ongoing project management, you maintain oversight of the project’s progress.


House Owners Representative 


In busy times, it can be stressful dealing with architects, builders, contractors and sub contractors.


As your representative, we can oversee the contractors and act as as the interface between all parties. This ensures that contractors are accountable and responsible for their contractural responsibilities throughout the project.


We represent the Client’s interest and provide a professional, and thorough service that meets the Client’s expectations.

Effective communication and organisation will lead to a successful project outcome.

How we can help


Ideally, by being appointed by the client as early in the development of the project as possible, enables us to: 

  • Represent the client being responsible for the day-to-day management of the project.

  • Help the client develop their preliminary design

  • Advise on the selection and appointment of the builder and choice of contractors

  • Issue information and instructions on behalf of the client

  • Develop a project execution plan

  • Contribute to risk management exercises

  • Contribute to design reviews

  • Maintain progress and mutual interaction across the project team to lead to timely project completion thereby maximising benefits and controlling costs.

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