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Multi-Use Games Area ~


Project Construction completed Summer 2017

Dining Room Extension
Dining Room Extension

Renovation and Conversion ~ Brockenhurst

Dining room and first floor bedrooms conversion to existing property. Total extension 43 sqm. Redesigned with Architect the drawings to meet client’s optimisation of bedrooms and roof space. Obtained planning approval for the client.

Construction Project Management

Project Management Governance ~ Brockenhurst

The introduction of Project management control and scheduling for a new build, enabled day to day monitoring of project costs. Interaction with the Local Planning Department and Building Control to ensure that Building Regulations are met.

Ground Floor Extension

Ground Floor Extension ~ Brockenhurst

North facing office and back porch extension added to existing property. The brickwork and roof line blended in to match existing property characteristics. Completed on-time and within budget.

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